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Strontium Carbonate Nanopowder/ Nanoparticles ( SrCO3, < 500nm, 99+% Nanopowder)

Product #: 7191DX
Strontium Carbonate Nanopowder/ Nanoparticles ( SrCO3, < 500nm, 99+%)


Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities.
Product Properties
Strontium Carbonate Nanopowder/ Nanoparticles
SrCO3 nanoparticles Purity: 99.0%
SrCO3 nanoparticles APS: <500 nm
Strotium Carbonate ( SrCO3 ) Nanopowder General Description  
This material is a fine powder composed of strontium carbonate particles several hundred nanometers in diameter. Compared to many nanopowders, nanoparticles of strontium carbonate are relatively large. This has resulted in comparatively little research into the material, though it has nonetheless seen a surge of interest from engineers and academics in recent years. To find out about available purities and particle sizes of Strontium Carbonate Nanopowder/ nanaparticles ( SrCO3 nanopowder/ Nanoparticles ), call SSNano today.
Strotium Carbonate ( SrCO3 ) Nanopowder Applications
  • Electroluminescent. Strontium carbonate provides a unique blend of luminescent and electronic traits, making it a popular material for the production of various electroluminescent compounds.
  • Colorant. Strontium carbonate is often used to produce red flames for fireworks, road flares, and other pyrotechnic displays. As it is relatively cheap, neutralizes acids, and isn’t hygroscopic, it is uniquely popular among the strontium salts for this purpose.
  • Ceramics. Strontium carbonate is popularly used in ceramics to modify coloration of glazes and act as a flux.
  • Compound materials. Many different manufacturing processes involve strontium carbonate, either as an ingredient or tool, including luminous paint, sugar refining, drug manufacturing, and the production of iridescent glass.
  • Electronics. Various electronics use this material in one form or another, including superconductors and certain displays.
  • Magnets. Strontium ferrites used for permanent magnets can be produced easily using strontium carbonate.
  • Chemistry. As a weak Lewis base, this material is frequently used to produce a variety of other strontium compounds through simple application of appropriate acids.
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