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Sales Coordinator/Manager

About the Company:

SkySpring Nanomaterials is a small growing company offering nanomaterials/chemicals located in west Houston. Our chemicals are used for research and development as well as manufacturing. Currently, we are seeking an individual to enhance our sales department and establish new ways to grow our sales. This position is full-time. More information about the company can be found on our website at

Position Summary:

The Sales Coordinator will be responsible for identifying markets, generating new leads, converting leads into long-term and bulk customers, and negotiating agreements.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Locate, evaluate and actively pursue new markets, products, and customers
  • Contact and form initial relationship with prospective customers in desired markets
  • Create Promos, brochures, and other marketing documents
  • Other work assigned.   

Experience & Qualification:

  • 3 - 5 years of experience in chemical sales is required
  • Background in material science, or nanotechnology, or inorganic chemistry is a plus


  • Self-motivator, self-starter, fast learner
  •  Demonstrated strong communication ability with industrial customers
  • Ability to work multi-task in a small company and fast-paced environment

 Compensation:  Salary with uncapped annual bonus

We are looking to fill this position immediately, please indicate when you can start. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and salary requirement to Applications without salary requirement will not be considered. We will contact potential candidates, please do not phone directly.

    SkySpring Nanomaterials, Inc.
    2935 Westhollow Drive Houston, TX 77082 USA
    Phone: 281-870-1700 Fax: 281-870-8002 Email:
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