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Frequently Asked Questions

1.         How do you ship my order?
We can ship your order through FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS on your account or prepayment. We also ship ‘freight collect’ against your account. The shipping speeds are Next Day, 2-Day Air, 3-Day or Ground for domestic shipments, while international shipments typically take shipping companies a few business days to deliver.

2.         How quickly can you release my shipment?
For in stock items, we can do same day ship-outs for those customers who request rush orders. We must receive your order before noon (CST) if you would like the item shipped out that same day. For items that are not in stock, the delivery schedule will vary based on the item.

3.          Are there any other costs?
Beyond product costs and shipping costs, we do not charge any fees. The only exception is when a shipment contains a hazardous material and is shipped 'freight collect'. Then a small handling fee will apply. Note that your country's customs may impose taxes / fees / duties; these are your responsibility.

4.         Do you accept purchase orders?
We accept purchase orders from customers that have a credit history with us, or have supplied us with one. You can fax, e-mail or mail the purchase order to us. Please make sure the purchase order contains both the company/institution letterhead and authorized signature on it. Also, you must specify the billing address, shipping address, contact person, e-mail address, phone number and shipping method. For international orders: please submit purchase orders written in English.

5.         Can you custom-manufacture a product for me?
If there is a nanoparticle that we do not have in stock, then yes, it is generally possible for us to produce it for you. Custom manufactureing runs are available. However, custom runs are typically only made for our industrial customers due to minimum quantity requirements, additional custom run costs and increased lead time. For custom orders please e-mail sales with details of your specific needs.


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