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Aluminum Oxide Micron powder/ micron particles(Alumina, alpha-Al2O3, ultra high purity: 99.999%)

Product #: 1338GJ
Aluminum Oxide Micron powder/ micron particles(Alumina, alpha-Al2O3, ultra high purity: 99.999%)
Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities.
Product Properties
Aluminum Oxide Micron powder/ micron particles(Alumina, alpha-Al2O3, ultra high purity: 99.999%)
minum Oxide Micron powder Appearance: White powder
Aluminum Oxide Micron powder D50: 5~8 micron
Aluminum Oxide Micron powder Purity: 99.999%

Health and Safety

Hazard Statements


Transport Information


Suggest equipment

Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter

1338GJ Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles/ Nanopowder MSDS for Download

Aluminum Oxide( Al2O3) Nanopowder General Description
A white powder composed of nanoparticles of alpha-phase aluminum oxide, the naturally-occurring form of aluminum oxide or corundum, the core mineral of rubies and sapphires. Particles of alpha aluminum oxide nanopowder typically range from 40nm to as large as 10um, depending on application, purity standards, and coatings.
There are many known and potential applications of aluminum oxide nanopowders currently under research by engineers and physicists; to find out more about these applications, the best phase and size of particle for your project, and other information, you can contact SSNano
Aluminum Oxide( Al2O3) Nanopowder Applications
  • Ceramics. Generally regarded as the strongest of the oxide ceramics, alpha aluminum oxide plays a critical role in the production of countless advanced ceramic materials and ceramic-based applications. The unique properties of the material in nanopowder form open additional doors to the already-popular material.
  • Nanocomposites. The properties of alpha aluminum oxide nanopowder makes it a popular core and filler material in nanocomposites for any number of purposes. In particular, it’s unique heat transfer properties, remarkably low friction, versatile structure, and general sturdiness make it highly valuable.
  • Catalyst support. A crucial material in any number of catalytic processes, with research currently exploring additional applications of alpha-phase alumina in nanoparticle form.
  • Biomaterials. Low friction and high biocompatibility makes alpha aluminum oxide nanopowder of particular value in the manufacture of countless biomaterials, including the production of advanced implants, cardiovascular applications, etc. These traits make it the subject of substantial medical research.
  • Heat transfer fluids. As with many nanomaterials, alpha-phase alumina nanopowder has seen a surge of interest in its potential applications in producing fluids with unique properties. In particular, it’s seen as an ideal ingredient in producing advanced heat transfer fluids.
  • Wear-resistant additives. Low friction combined with exceptional durability makes alpha-phase aluminum oxide nanopowder a favored additive for any number of composites, as it typically offers a great enhancement of wear-resistance. The nature of nanopowder makes it ideal for the creation of wear-resistant coatings and as an additive where additions of non-nanoscale materials could prove counterproductive

Recent Publications
Aluminum nanopyramid array with tunable ultraviolet-visible-infrared wavelength plasmon resonances for rapid detection of carbohydrate antigen 199., Li, Wanbo, Qiu Yongcai, Zhang Li, Jiang Lelun, Zhou Zhangkai, Chen Huanjun, and Zhou Jianhua , Biosens Bioelectron, 2016 May 15, Volume 79, p.500-7, (2016)
Biodistribution and toxicity of spherical aluminum oxide nanoparticles., Park, Eun-Jung, Lee Gwang-Hee, Yoon Cheolho, Jeong Uiseok, Kim Younghun, Cho Myung-Haing, and Kim Dong-Wan , J Appl Toxicol, 2016 Mar, Volume 36, Issue 3, p.424-33, (2016)
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