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Graphene NanoPowder 6-8 nm

Product #: 0541DX
Graphene NanoPowder (C, 6-8 nm)

Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities.
Product Properties
Graphene Nanopowder/nanoparticles 6-8 nm
Exfoliated Graphene Nanopowder, Platelets, Pristine
Graphene Appearance: Black powder
Graphene Thickness: 6-8 nm
Graphene Average Particle Diameter: 15 micron
Graphene Surface Area: 120-150 m2/g
Graphene Carbon: 99.5+%
Graphene Electrical Conductivity (siemens/meter): 107 (parallel to surface), 102 (perpendicular to surface)
Graphene Thermal Conductivity (watts/meter-K): 3000 (parallel to surface), 6 (perpendicular to surface)

Hazard Statements
Transport Information
Suggest equipment
Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter

Graphene (C) Nanopowder General Description
Used a variety of biological, chemical, and medical fields, graphene nanopowder offers a combination of traits suitable to any number of applications. Depending on the exact powder utilized, it can offer benefits in tissue engineering, bioimaging, medical device manufacturing, pharmacological development, and a host of related fields. Graphene may be one of the most heavily-researched nanopowders on the market today, with its exceptional potential in medicine and related fields uncovered recently. SSNano offers graphene nanopowder in sizes ranging from 1 to 15 nanometers, ideal for any number of manufacturing or research projects.

Graphene (C) Nanopowder/ Nanoparticles Applications

  • Medical devices: Graphene’s highly configurable and modifiable traits make it an excellent candidate for usage in medical devices including bio-sensors, diagnosis devices, microbial detectors, DNA sequencing tools, and a host of other medical devices. Much of the most exciting research in medicine right now revolves around the unique traits of graphene.
  • Bioimaging: Properly applied, graphene can be utilized in solutions to produce a contrast agent for photoaucustic and thermoacustic imaging. More promisingly, certain morphologies of graphene nanoparticles appear to be safe enough in low concentrations to allow for advanced biomedical applications.
  • Tissue engineering: Graphene works as a safe and effective reinforcement agent in various composites for bone tissue applications, with the potential for additional applications as research progresses.
  • Biomicrorobotics: Though still in the early days of experimenting, researchers have showed promising results with biomicrorobotics utilizing graphene in extremely tiny particles, producing a living humidity sensor.
  • Drug delivery: The interaction of graphene nanoparticles with cancerous cells has suggested a number of potential avenues for cancer drug delivery to be explored.
Recent Publications

Phosphorus, and nitrogen co-doped carbon dots as a fluorescent probe for real-time measurement of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species inside macrophages., Gong, Yunqian, Yu Bin, Yang Wen, and Zhang Xiaoling , Biosens Bioelectron, 2016 May 15, Volume 79, p.822-8, (2016)

Flexible and free-standing ternary Cd2GeO4 nanowire/graphene oxide/CNT nanocomposite film with improved lithium-ion battery performance., Wang, Linlin, Zhang Xiaozhu, Shen Guozhen, Peng Xia, Zhang Min, and Xu Jingli , Nanotechnology, 2016 Mar 4, Volume 27, Issue 9, p.095602, (2016)

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