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Silicon Oxide Nanoparticles

Product #: 6851HN
Silicon Oxide Nanoparticles (SiO2, 99.8%, 10-20 nm, surface modified with amino group, dispersible)


Please contact us for quotes on larger quantities.

Silicon Oxide Nanopowder (SiO2
·         surface modified with amino group;  
·         dispersible in toluene, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, polymethacrylates, phenolic resin, nylon, and paint;
·         reactive with epoxy group and carboxyl group in organics or polymers

  loss on drying (%) (105 oC, 2h): <3
  loss on ignition (%) (950 oC, 2h): <10
  contents of SiO2 (dry basis) (%): >85
  contents of SiO2 (950 oC, 2h) (%): >99.8
  contents of carbon (%): >0.3 
  particle size (nm): 10-20
  pH: 6.0-7.5
  surface area (m2/g): 90-130
  bulk density (g/ml): 0.15


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